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December 28, 2008
Topics: "News You Can Use" on second-hand smoke, negative calorie intake, TIA's (ministrokes)
Special guest: Dr. Hank Liers, Ph.D – formulator of over 200 nutritional suppplements

December 13, 2008
Topics: "Green" gift ideas, risk-free cardiovascular tests, antioxidants, nutrition, vision
Special guest: Dr. Hank Liers – formulator of over 200 nutritional suppplements

December 6, 2008
Topics: Ginger, hypertension, cold/flu prevention and treatment
Special guest: Dr. Joseph J. Lamb – Director of Intramural Clinical Research, Functional Medicine Research Center for Metagenics

November 19, 2008
Topics: Vitamin D, probiotics, heart health
Special guest: Micki Poff – Jarrow Formulas

November 12, 2008
Topics: Diet sodas and weight gain, remedies for fevers and sports injuries, probiotics and gut immune reactions, nutrition
Special guest: Dr. Patrick Hanoway – Chief Medical Officer for Genova Diagnostics

November 5, 2008
Topics: Naturally avoiding the flu, Behavioral Kinesiology muscle checking and headache relief
Special guest: Dr. Jerry Teplitz, JD, Ph.D – author, speaker, programs for stress managemen

October 22, 2008
Topics: Breast cancer, osteoporosis
Special guest: Dr. Bryan Walsh – licensed naturopathic physician

October 8, 2008
Topics: Breast cancer, detox
Special guest: Steven Nadell – functional medicine consultant for Xymogen

October 1, 2008
Topics: Boost your immunity, local green economies, Bethesda Green's Livability Project
Special guest: Dave Feldman – Livability Project CEO

September 24, 2008
Topics: How to choose a supplement
Special guest: Bill Palat – consultant for Village Green's Pathway line of supplements

September 17, 2008
Topics: Grapefruit and estrogen interaction, preventing Alzheimer's, health tips on nutrients, natural products industry
Special guest: Brian Bogren – New Chapter

September 3, 2008
Topics: Tests and medical checkups, headaches, "green" tips

August 27, 2008
Topics: Natural approaches to skin disorders
Special guest: Dr. Veronica Hayduk – naturopathic physician

August 20, 2008
Topics: Organic foods, greens formulas
Special guest: Ann Allworth, Ph.D – educator and consultant with MegaFood

August 13, 2008
Topics: Myths about saturated fats and cholesterol
Special guest: Sally Fallon – chef, nutrition researcher, homemaker, community activist and author of Nourishing Traditions

July 30, 2008
Topics: Integrative approach to common digestive complaints (IBS, constipation, colitis, Crohn’s disease)
Special guest: Dr. Janine Blackman – family physician and co-founder of The Gilbert Clinic, a private integrative healthcare practice

July 23, 2008
Topics: Postpartum depression, pediatric nutrition, response to Michael Savage's comments on qutism
Special guest: Keri Marshall, MS, ND – specializes in pediatrics, women's medicine and chronic disease management

July 16, 2008
Topics: Cardiovascular diseases, GPLC (form of L-Carnitine)
Special guest: Micki Poff – Jarrow Formulas

July 9, 2008
Topics: Toxins in our environment, air, food, water, and bodies
Special guest: Dr. George Yu – Clinical Professor of Urology, George Washington University

June 25, 2008
Topics: Eco-friendly design for homes and businesses
Special guest: Robin Buck – Robin Buck Design and Feng Shui

June 11, 2008
Topics: Mood disorders – anxiety and depression
Special guest: Douglas MacKay, ND – founder of Makai Naturopathic Center, and Research Advisor for Nordic Naturals

June 4, 2008
Topics: Hormonal issues affecting men and women and the benefits of maca herb
Special guest: Rodney Anderson – Director of Sales for Natural Health International (makers of 100% organic, fair-trade maca)

May 28, 2008
Topics: Health tips, children's health
Special guest: Patty Lemer – Executive Director of Developmental Delay Resources (DDR), editor of Envisioning a Bright Future

May 21, 2008
Topics: Bariatric (weight loss) surgery and the importance of nutritional support
Special guest: Barry Greene, M.D. and Mandy Mirzaie, RD, LDN – bariatric surgery team, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital

May 14, 2008
Topics: Bone health and the benefits of taking whole food nutritional supplements
Special guest: Taryn Forrelli, ND – herbal and nutritional research, Director of Medical Education for New Chapter

May 7, 2008
Topics: B-vitamins, magnesium, sleep deprivation, anxiety and phobias
Special guest: Mark Bottinick, LCSW – therapist and clinical social worker

April 30, 2008
Topics: Cleansing and detoxification
Special guest: Cheryl Myers – Vice President of Health Sciences for Enzymatic Therapy

April 23, 2008

Topics: Treatments for depression and manic depression
Special guest: Dr. Robert J. Hedaya MD, FAPA – Hedaya Clinic and National Center for Whole Psychiatry

April 16, 2008

Topics: Magnesium deficiency, herbal misconceptions and fears
Special guest: Mitch Coven – medical herbalist and founder of Vitality Works

April 9, 2008

Topics: Vitamin D, symptoms based on location – head-to-toe
Special guest: Victoria Wood – registered dietician and nutritionist

April 2, 2008
Topics: B5 – pantothenic acid, thyroid health, adrenal fatigue, autism awareness
Special guest: Ann Allworth, Ph.D – educator and consultant with MegaFood

March 26, 2008

Topics: Maternal health, fetal health, EFA's in brain and neurological development of infants and children
Special guest: Keri Marshall, MS, ND – serves on the board of advisors for Nordic Naturals

March 19, 2008
Topics: Beta carotine deficiency, custom compounding
Special guest: Saiyed Asif – Village Green Apothecary's compounding specialist

March 12, 2008
Topics: Women's health
Special guest: Sherrill Sellman , ND – psychotherapist, health journalist and author of What Women Must Know to Protect Their Daughters From Breast Cancer

March 5, 2008
Topics: Folic acid deficiency, controversies of artificial sweetners and flouride

February 27, 2008

Topics: Weight loss, increasing metabolic energy, thyroid evaluation
Special guest: Dr. Stacy Bell – registered dietician, expert on dietary supplements

February 20, 2008
Topics: Green living, reducing toxin exposure, green cleaning products, healthy beauty care products
Special guests: Dr. Ken Ingham – author of Ecoepic & Other Poems and Beth Chung, author of Your Green Home: A Guide to Earth-friendly Building and Remodeling

February 13, 2008
Topics: Vitamin A deficiency, discussion of fibromyalgia syndrome
Special guest: Aaron Hoo, ND– Senior Medical Clinical Advisor for Metagenics

February 6, 2008
Topics: Chromium, Cinnulin PF cinnamon extract, metabolic syndrome
Special guest: Peter Miller – Director, Product Development for Integrity Nutraceuticals

January 23, 2008
Topics: Vitamin D and alternatives to cholesterol lowering medications
Special guest: Dr. James Brodsky – primary care with an integrative approach

January 16, 2008
Topics: Selenium deficiency, Blockade virus-blocking product
Special guest: Nancy Angelini – Director of Education and Training for New Chapter

January 9, 2008
Topics: Cardiovascular risk testing, natural approaches to women's healthcare
Special guest: Dr. Allan Warshowsky, MD – practice in obstetrics & gynecology

January 2, 2008
Topics: Mood disorders – anxiety and depression
Special guest: Douglas MacKay, ND – founder of Makai Naturopathic Center, and research advisor for Nordic Naturals

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Meet the hosts:

Dana Laake is a licensed nutritionist providing preventive and therapeutic medical nutrition services for over 25 years. Her practice includes the nutritional evaluation and treatment of the full spectrum of health issues affecting children and adults. Dana holds a Master's degree in nutrition from the University of Maryland.

Dr. Kevin Passero
a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine has trained extensively with leading doctors in the field of natural medicine. In his practice, Dr. Passero focuses on restoring harmony to both the body and mind using advanced protocols that incorporate botanicals, homeopathy, vitamins, and nutrition.

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