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December 26, 2010
Topic: Bioavailability and quality concerns about fish oil
Special guest: Stuart Tomc – authority on evidence-based dietary supplements

December 19, 2010
Topic: Stress and it's impact on the immune system
Special guest: Dr. Ann Allworth, Ph.D – educator and consultant with MegaFood

December 12, 2010
Topic: Individualized health care
Special guest: Marc Isaacson – President & CEO of Village Green Apothecary

December 5, 2010
Topic: Supplement regulation and quality
Special guest: Douglas “Duffy” MacKay, N.D. – Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs for the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)

November 28, 2010
Topic: Digestive health during the holiday season
Special guest: Martie Whittekin, CCN – national leader in the nutrition industry and an activist for health freedom

November 21, 2010
Topic: Cold and flu prevention
Special guest: Joseph Lamb, MD – Director of Intramural Clinical Research, Functional Medicine Research Center for Metagenics

November 14, 2010
Topic: Pregnancy and essential fatty acids
Special guest: Dr. Tori Hudson

November 7, 2010
Topic: Anti-aging nutrients, health benefits of resveratrol and curcumin
Special guest: Alan Miller, N.D. – Thorne Research Technical Advisor

October 31 , 2010
Topic: Health benefits of krill oil
Special guest: Eric Anderson – Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Aker BioMarine in North America. 

October 24 , 2010
Topic: Integrative support for depression
Special guest: Robert J. Hedaya, M.D., D.F.A.P.A – Dr.Hedaya is the director of the Hedaya Clinic and National Center for Whole Psychiatry

October 17 , 2010
Topic: Advanced techniques to support comprehensive physical rehabilitation
Special guest: Dr. Jay Greenstein DC, CCSP, TPI CGFI

October 10 , 2010
Topic: Prenatal vitamins, unique attributes of whole food multivitamins
Special guest: Dr. Ann Allworth, Ph.D – educator and consultant with MegaFood

October 3 , 2010
Topic: Homeopathic remedies for cold and flu
Special guest: Christophe R.  Merville, D. Pharm is the Director of Education and Pharmacy Development at. Boiron USA

September 26, 2010
Topic: Sleep Support – lab testing and natural interventions
Special guest: Joe Ailts – Director of Medical Education at NeuroScience, takes a special interest in understanding the neurochemistry of the sleep/wake cycle

September 19, 2010
Topic: Health benefits of raw, whole food liquid multivitamins
Special guest: Jordan Rubin – founder of Garden of Life

September 12, 2010
Topic: Benefits of CrossFit Training
Special guest: Justin Bacon – CrossFit done right

September 5, 2010
Topic: A sustainable solution to your personal energy crisis, exercise-enhancing nutrients
Special guest: Joseph L. Evans, PhD – a senior pharmaceutical scientist with expertise in metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, and oncology

August 29, 2010
Topic: "Whole body dentistry" and how the health of your mouth affects your well being
Special guest: Dr. Kimberly Baer, DDS – founded the Bethesda Dental Spa in Rockville, MD to offer a holistic approach to dentistry

August 22, 2010
Topic: Managing your stress
Special guest: Jerry Teplitz – author of Managing Your Stress In Difficult Times: Succeeding in Times of Change

August 15, 2010
Topic: Specialized testing for neuropsychiatric problems – ADD, anxiety, depression, autism
Special guest: Dr. Elizabeth Stuller, M.D. – psychiatry and addiction medicine.

August 8, 2010
Topic: Healthy brain aging
Special guest: Deanna Minich, PhD, CN – Director, Information Integration and Innovation for Metagenics

August 1, 2010
Topic: Neck and back pain – common causes, treatment and prevention.
Special guest: Dr. John Park, D.C., C.S.C.S. – Progressive Spinal and Sports Rehabilitation

July 25, 2010
Topic: 3-tiered exercise approach to raise the metabolism: cardio, weight lifting, and diet
Special guest: Eric Toussaint B.S., C.C.S., C.F.T. – President of JETT Training LLC.

July 18, 2010
Topic: Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
Special guest: Dr. Barry Rowekamp, D.O. – Medical Director, Life Balance Medical Center

July 11, 2010
Topic: Benefits of essential fatty acids for injury recovery and inflammation
Special guest: Christopher Mohr, PHD, RD, CSSD – fitness and nutritional expert

July 4, 2010
Topic: Omega-3-6-9 fatty acids and their role in cardiovascular and brain health
Special guest: Brian Tanzer, M.S. – technical support services for Reliance Private Label Supplements

June 27 , 2010
Topic: Chronic fatigue syndrome
Special guest: Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum – authority on chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia

June 20 , 2010
Topic: Obesity, heart disease and weight loss stratagies
Special guest: Dr. James Brodsky, MD – focus on preventive aspects of health care

June 13 , 2010
Topic: Supporting cardiovascular health with key nutrients
Special guest: Martie Whittekin, CCN – a national leader in the nutrition industry and an activist for health freedom

June 6 , 2010
Topic: Individualized training plans for endurance athletes
Special guest: Jim Bruskewitz MS – founded Endurance Performance Ltd. to provide physiological testing and specific training programs for endurance athletes

May 30, 2010
Topic: Health benefits of antioxidant nutrients and high quality protein in the diet
Special guest: Nelson Narciso, B.Sc., R.P. –
well-respected consultant on natural health products and their use

May 23, 2010
Topic: Nutrition based psychiatry
Special guest: Dr. Charles Moseley – Integrative Psychiatrist

May 13, 2010
Topics: Various women’s health topics (thyroid, hair, skin, nail health, etc.)
Special guest: Dr. Ann Allworth, Ph.D – educator and consultant with MegaFood

May 6, 2010
Topics: Raw food supplements and systemic enzymes
Special guest: Jordan Rubin, founder of Garden of Life

April 29, 2010
Topics: Nutrition strategies for cancer
Special guest: Victoria Wood, MPH, RD,CNS

April 22, 2010
Topics: Nonsurgical decompression of the spine without drugs and pain
Special guest: Dr. Avram Weinberg – HealthSource, Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab

April 15, 2010
Topics: Lyme disease
Special guest: Dr. Fishman – Optimal Health Physicians

April 8, 2010
Topics: First Line Therapy benefits
Special guest: Dr. Joseph J. Lamb – Director of Intramural Clinical Research, Functional Medicine Research Center for Metagenics

April 1, 2010
Topics: Irritable Bowel Support (IBS)
Special guest: Silvano Arnoldo – Jarrow Formulas probiotic consultant

March 25, 2010
Topics: Thyroid health
Special guest: Adrienne Clamp, MD, DABMA – Asclepeion Center for Body Mind Therapy

March 18, 2010
Topics: Mental health and omega-3 fatty acids
Special guest: Dr. Shoshana Bennett – expert in the field of postpartum depression

March 11, 2010
Topics: Promoting a healthy attitude and awareness of Menarche; a young adolescent girl's first period.
Special guest: Chu Chu Onwuachi-Saunders MD, MPH – author and pediatrician

March 4, 2010
Topics: Cleansing
Special guest: Gaetano Morello, BSc, N.D. – naturopath in West Vancouver, Canada

February 25 , 2010
Topics: The latest health news and controversial health topics

February 18 , 2010
Topics: Stress support
Special guest: Dr. Ann Allworth, Ph.D – educator and consultant with MegaFood

February 11 , 2010
Topics: High intensity interval training
Special guest: Scott O’Dell, MA – fitness trainer

February 4 , 2010
Topics: Health benefits of mushrooms for the immune system
Special guest: John Holliday, Ph.D – Director of Research, Aloha Medicinals

January 28, 2010
Topics: Nutritional strategies for effective weight loss
Special guest: Ellen Kittredge, CHHC – Ellen's Nutrition Counseling

January 21, 2010
Topics: Health benefits of Relora
Special guest: Deanne Dolnick – Director of Sales, Next Pharmaceuticals

January 14, 2010
Topics: Detox never tasted so good!
Special guest: Steven Nadell, MS, CNS – Functional Medicine Nutritionist

January 7 , 2010
Topics: Health benefits of eating grassfed meats and environmental benefits
Special guest: Martha Holdridge – owner of West Wind Farm

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