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December 31, 2009
Topics: Early markers of cardiovascular disease and possible intervention
Special guest: Dr. Joseph J. Lamb – Director of Intramural Clinical Research, Functional Medicine Research Center for Metagenics

December 17, 2009
Topics: Managing digestive upset during the holidays
Special guest: Gene Bruno – Jarrow Formulas consultant, Dean of Academics at Huntington College of Health Sciences

December 10, 2009
Topics: Plastics, bisphenol A, and other food contamimants
Special guest: Sara Ducey, M.S., C.N.S – Assistant Professor or Nutrition, Montgomery College

December 3, 2009
Topics: Vitamin D, probiotics for immune health
Special guest: Dr. Ann Allworth, Ph.D – educator and consultant with MegaFood

November 24, 2009
Topics: Flu prevention, how to feel good, prostate health, women's health issues

November 19, 2009
Topics: Nutritional strategies for pain management
Special guest: Dr. Hector L. Lopez, M.D., M.S., CSCS, FAAPMR – physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist

November 14, 2009
Topics: Health benefits of natural beauty care products
Special guest: Pratibha Sachdev – educator

November 7, 2009
Topics: Preventing the flu – nutrients, herbs, probiotics and products
Special guest: Dr. Donald Brown – naturopathic physician in evidence-based herbal medicine

October 31, 2009
Topics: Using biofeedback productively to optimize health
Special guest: Mary Lee Esty, Ph.D. LCSW-C – president of the Neurotherapy Center of Washington

October 24, 2009
Topics: Importance of water purification
Special guest: Houston Tomasz – Vice President, Aquasana Water Filter Systems

October 17, 2009
Topics: Supporting sinus and respiratory health
Special guest: Dr. Robert S. Ivker – holistic family physician, with an emphasis on the treatment and prevention of chronic disease

October 10, 2009
Topics: Diet, detoxification, food sensitivities, food additives, food cravings
Special guest: Deanna Minich, PhD, CN – Director, Information Integration and Innovation for Metagenics

October 3, 2009
Topics: Controversies – death rate from medications and medical mistakes, health care reform, flu, butter and eggs, autism, preventing developmental delays and prostate health

September 26, 2009
Topics: The Missing Link in Healthcare Reform – Why Healthy Living & Prevention Aren't Part of the Plan…But Need To Be
Special guest: Marc Isaacson – President of Village Green Apothecary

September 19, 2009
Topics: Importance of a healthy diet in preventing and managing chronic diseases
Special guest: Hanieh Afkhami – Village Green pharmacist and founder of Diet at Your Door

September 12, 2009
Topics: Women's health and urogenital health and the importance of probiotics
Special guest: Martie Whittekin, CCN – leader in the nutrition industry

September 5, 2009
Topics: Liver health and detoxification
Special guest: Ryan Malone – public relations and education for Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

August 29, 2009
Topics: Bethesda Green – how Bethesda is reducing its carbon footprint
Special guest: Dave Heffernan – education, outreach and marketing for Bethesda Green

August 22, 2009
Topics: Benefits of whole food supplementation
Special guest: Dr. Ann Allworth, Ph.D – educator and consultant with MegaFood

August 15, 2009
Topics: Nutrition treatment plan to treat autism, Asperger's or ADHD
Special guest: Elizabeth Strickland, MS, RD, LD – author of Eating for Autism

August 8, 2009
Topics: Heart health
Special guest: Dr. Gaetano A. Morello– naturopathic physician, educator, author

August 1, 2009
Topics: Menstrual cramps, PMS, menopause symptoms, osteoporosis, PCOS, fertility
Special guest: Tori Hudson - naturopathic physician, author, educator, researcher

July 25, 2009
Topics: Green home renovation and appliance energy usage and savings tips
Special guest: Beth Chung – author of Your Green Home: A Guide to Earth-Friendly Building and Remodeling

July 18, 2009
Topics: Health benefits of chia
Special guest: Ric Scalzo – herbalist, founder of Gaia Herbs

July 11, 2009
Topics: Dementia, type 3 diabetes, lifestyle medicine
Special guest: Deanna Minich, PhD, CN – Director, Information Integration and Innovation for Metagenics

July 4, 2009
Topics: Mindful eating, benefits of eating organic, practical dietary advice
Special guest: Ellen Kittredge, CHHC – Ellen's Nutrition Counseling

June 27, 2009
Topics: Health benefits of IgG immunoglobulin
Special guest: Eric Weaver, Ph.D – Chief Scientific Officer, Proliant Health & Biologicals

June 20, 2009
Topics: Secondary causes of osteoporosis
Special guest: Dr. Hai Jin Kim – integrative and holistic family practice physician

June 13, 2009
Topics: Hyaluronic acid and skin health
Special guest: John O' Connor – quality control and research for Jarrow Formulas

June 6, 2009
Topics: Liver health
Special guest: Ryan Malone – public relations and education for Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

May 30, 2009
Topics: Natural approaches to common pediatric problems
Special guest: Keri Marshall, MS, ND – specializes in pediatrics, women's medicine and chronic disease management

May 23, 2009
Topics: Natural strategies for energy support
Special guest: Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. – authority on chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia

May 16, 2009
Topics: The health benefits of resveratrol and vitamin K2
Special guest: Dr. Brian Tanzer, M.S. – consultant for Pathway supplements, Village Green's exclusive brand of supplements

May 9, 2009
Topics: Integrative medicine and fertility
Special guest: Dr. Asha Subramanian – primary care family physician  

May 2, 2009
Topics: Jordan Ruben's amazing health story and the importance of diet, nutrition, and omega-3 fatty acids
Special guest: Jordan Rubin – founder and CEO of Garden of Life, a whole food based supplement company

April 25, 2009
Topics: Fibromyalgia and physical therapy solutions
Special guest: May Kesler, MTh, PT – founder, Kesler Physical Massage & Movement Therapy

April 18, 2009
Topics: Eye health, nutrients and supplements for improved vision, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma
Special guest: David W. Nelson, OD, MBA – optometrist with over 20 years of experience

April 11, 2009
Topics: "News You Can Use" on alcohol, eyesight, trans fatty acids, autism, falls, stroke, antioxidants, vitamin D and prostate health

April 4, 2009
Topics: Health benefits of mushrooms – reishi, cordyceps, maitake
Special guest: Dr. Ann Allworth Ph.D – educator and consultant with Megafood

March 28, 2009
Topics: Medication and juices, leaky gut, paradigm shift in medicine, mercury fillings, fluoride in water, additives and childhood behavior, vaccines and autism

March 21, 2009
Topics: Nutrient testing (Spectracell), saliva hormone testing, BHRT, benefits of custom compounding
Special guest: Will McCawley – Practitioner Liaison for Village Green Apothecary

March 14, 2009
Topics: MCHC and bone health
Special guest: Deanna Minich, Ph.D, FACN, CNS – author, and speaker on nutritional research and lifestyle medicine to treat chronic diseases

March 7, 2009
Topics:Integrative approach to pain management
Special guest: Guy Chamberland M.Sc., Ph.D – Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Product Development for Biotanika

February 28, 2009
Topics: Nutrition and stress management
Special guest: Elizabeth Blumberg, RD, LN – specializing in preventative and therapeutic nutrition

February 21, 2009
Topics: ADHD, autism, holistic pediatrics and pre-pregnancy preparation
Special guest: Dr. Tracy Freeman – holistic medical physician

February 14, 2009
Topics: Benefits of activated silicon (JarroSil), health news, dangerous prescription drugs
Special guest: Kevin Connolly, Ph.D – Director of Scientific Affairs and Product Development at Jarrow Formulas

February 7, 2009
Topics: Integrative approach to managing migraines
Special guest: Dr. Kevin Kelleher, MD – a "Top Doctor" from Washingtonian Magazine

January 31, 2009
Topics: Heart health, myths about cholesterol, naturals alternatives for depression
Special guest: Ann Allworth Ph.D – educator and consultant with Megafood

January 24, 2009
Topics: B12 levels, intuition in clinical practice
Special guest: Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND – health program planner and nutritionist

January 17, 2009
Topics: Subclinical hypothyroidism – symptoms, tests, nutrients

January 10, 2009
Topics: Sleep support, primary care with an integrative approach
Special guest: Dr. James Brodsky, MD – focus on preventive aspects of health care

January 3, 2009
Topics: Benefits of doing a whole body cleanse
Special guest: Cheryl Myers – Vice President of Health Sciences for Enzymatic Therapy

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Meet the hosts:

Dana Laake is a licensed nutritionist providing preventive and therapeutic medical nutrition services for over 25 years. Her practice includes the nutritional evaluation and treatment of the full spectrum of health issues affecting children and adults. Dana holds a Master's degree in nutrition from the University of Maryland.

Dr. Kevin Passero
a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine has trained extensively with leading doctors in the field of natural medicine. In his practice, Dr. Passero focuses on restoring harmony to both the body and mind using advanced protocols that incorporate botanicals, homeopathy, vitamins, and nutrition.

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