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November 2, 2015 in Uncategorized by Dr. Kevin Passero

Upcoming ShowSunday, November 8

Host: Dana Laake

Guest: Dr. Weiss is the first Naturopathic physician to complete an internship, residency, and fellowship in cardiology. Dr. Weiss trained in the Columbia Hospital System (Phoenix), the Arizona Heart Hospital, and the prestigious Arizona Heart Institute. Dr. Weiss’s cardiology fellowship is with the American Society of Angiology, and the International Society of Angiology. In his 14 years of practice as a naturopathic cardiologist, Dr. Weiss has helped over 25,000 patients avoid bypass and angioplasty procedures, reduce or eliminate cardiovascular medication, and avoid heart transplant surgery. Dr. Weiss was consulting staff at the Arizona Heart Hospital for over 10 years, while creating the Scottsdale Heart Institute. In 2012, Dr. Weiss was named one of the 1500 leading physicians in the world by the International Association of Cardiologists and the International Association of Health Care Professionals. Dr. Weiss heads the Center for Health and Medicine for Artis International, a think tank/research group dedicated to the study and resolution of intractable conflict. Recently he brought natural models of medicine to conflict zones in Haiti, the West Bank, Israel and soon Gaza.

Cutting-Edge Treatments for Supporting Brain Health

November 1, 2015 in Brain Health by Dr. Kevin Passero

Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Dr. Majid Fotuhi will discuss cutting-edge treatments for supporting brain health.

Dr. Majid Fotuhi, MD, PhD, is a neurologist who specializes in treating patients with memory loss, cognitive decline, and concussion. He has created an effective “brain fitness program” to help patients with these conditions rejuvenate their brains. Dr. Fotuhi has had 25 years of teaching, clinical work, and neuroscience research experience at Harvard and Johns Hopkins. He conducts clinical research, writes books, and gives public lectures about brain health, prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, and expanding brain capacity. Dr. Fotuhi received his MD cum laude from Harvard Medical School, and his PhD in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University. He is currently the chairman of Memosyn Neurology Institute, an affiliate staff at Johns Hopkins Howard County General Hospital, and a lecturer at Harvard Medical School.


The latest news on antioxidants increasing cancer risk and the role and benefit of using NR – Nicotinamide Riboside

October 25, 2015 in Antioxidants, Cancer Support by Dana Laake

Dana Laake and her special guest Steven Nadell will discuss the latest news on how antioxidants may affect cancer cells, and the role and benefit of using nicotinamide riboside.

Steven Nadell, MS, CNS is a Functional Medicine Consultant with Thorne Research. He has been in the field of nutrition for 22 years. As a Certified Nutrition Specialist he helps doctors, nutritionists, and licensed practitioners use nutrition to improve patients’ health outcomes. He also supports the implementation of OncoQOL into oncology practices. OncoQOL are targeted nutraceuticals for helping to reduce side effects and improve quality of life for patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.


Whole Detox

October 18, 2015 in Detox by Dana Laake

Dana Laake and her special guest Dr. Deanna Minich will discuss why a personalized approach to detox is essential.

Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS, is an internationally-recognized lifestyle medicine expert with a specialty in detox. Her 20 years of experience in the nutrition field led her to develop an integrated, “whole-self” approach to nutrition called Food & Spirit. In 2014, she led The Detox Summit™ featuring 30 international detox experts. Following the summit, she hosted an online whole-self detox program in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine. Dr. Minich not only leads detox events multiple times per year, but lectures to audiences worldwide on the topic.


The Neurological UnderBelly of the Gluten-free Lifestyle: Potential Benefits, Devastating Dangers

October 11, 2015 in Autoimmune Diseases, Food Sensitivities by Dr. Kevin Passero

Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Dr. Tom O’Bryan will discuss the neurological underbelly of the gluten-free lifestyle – benefits, and dangers.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan is a nationally recognized speaker, workshop leader, healer, and researcher specializing in celiac disease and gluten intolerance. He is a highly esteemed clinician in treating chronic disease and metabolic disorders from a Functional Medicine perspective. He recently hosted the ‘The Gluten Summit – A Grain of Truth,’ bringing together 29 of the world’s experts on celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity.


Detoxification for a Fast-paced, Modern Lifestyle

October 4, 2015 in Detox, Digestive Health by Dr. Kevin Passero

Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Rachel Feldman will discuss detoxification for a fast-paced, modern lifestyle.

Rachel Feldman is a Certified Holistic Health Coach specializing in healthy digestion. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Rachel assists clients nationwide via phone, email and Skype. Her approach to health focuses on the foods you put into your mouth and incorporates the elements of body, mind and soul. She helps her clients to access the blueprint for their health by discovering what foods fuel the body. Her signature Detox & Cleanse program is based on the elimination diet. It helps to uncover hidden food intolerances, restore gut health, and teach simple ways to detox the body daily.


The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood, and End Cravings

September 27, 2015 in Anxiety, Mood Support by Dana Laake

Dana Laake and her special guest Trudy Scott will discuss her book, The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood, and End Cravings.

Trudy Scott is a Food Mood Expert and certified nutritionist on a mission to educate people about the healing powers of food in order to find natural solutions for their anxiety, depression, emotional eating and sugar cravings. Trudy has had her own personal journey with anxiety, starting in her mid-thirties. She discovered that it was not only stress and overworking that were causing her anxiety symptoms, but also her so-called healthy vegetarian diet. What she learned led her to write her first book, The Antianxiety Food Solution.


Mind-Body Tools to Help You Let Go of Stress

September 20, 2015 in Healing Modalities, Stress by Dr. Kevin Passero

Dr. Kevin Passero’s special guest Dr. Kim D’Eramo will share her personal experience using self-healing to overcome chronic illness.

Dr. Kim D’Eramo is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician who trained at Emory University’s Grady Hospital in Atlanta. Her bestselling book, The MindBody Toolkit, explains the basis for how the prolonged stress state generates toxicity and imbalance in the body, and how reversing this stress state restores our natural state of well-being. Dr. D’Eramo conducts online group training programs, and speaks nationally to doctors, medical students, and the general public for training in mind-body medicine.


Benefits of Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidic Acid

September 13, 2015 in Specific Nutrients by Dana Laake

Dana Laake and her special guest Dallas Clouatre, Ph.D., will discuss the benefits of phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid.

Dr. Clouatre earned his A.B. from Stanford University and his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. A Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, he is a prominent industry consultant, author of numerous books and a sought-after speaker. Dr. Clouatre is the New Product Development & Marketing Consultant for Jarrow Formulas.


Recent discoveries about the gut microbiome and how this affects one’s overall health.

August 30, 2015 in Immune System Health by Dana Laake

Dana Laake and her special guest Amber Lynn Vitse, CN, will discuss recent discoveries about the gut microbiome and how this affects one’s overall health.

Amber Lynn Vitse is a Certified Nutritionist in Integrative Nutrition, and also brings her training in Ayurvedic medicine to the Garden of Life Education team. She has worked in product retail for 16 years, as well as maintained her own wellness practice, often working with doctors and alternative health practitioners promoting optimum health, inside and out. Amber has written educational articles for a variety of natural health publications, and she is excited to be a member of the Garden of Life Education team and continue the mission of Empowering Extraordinary Health®.